Moravská Třebová

Castle in the Moravian Třebová one of the most important Renaissance monuments in Central Europe. At the end of the 15th century, the first time in the Czech lands emerged modern Renaissance elements and in the early 17th century the Mannerist three wings by Italian architect. Chateau therefore served in Czech art history textbook. More information on the official website.

Museum Moravian Třebová

Moravská Třebová The beginnings of the museum are connected with the activities of the local Educational Association. Association for further education and merchant živnostnického state was founded in 1872 and building the museum’s collection belonged from the beginning to its declared objectives. The second half of the 19th century and in the Moravian Třebová period of industrial development. The primary objective of the education association was therefore encourage small business owners in an existential struggle with velkoprůmyslovým capital. More information on the official website –

Lookout Pastýřka

The tower was inaugurated on July 20, 2009. After a hundred years, the site of the former towers, which bear the name of Prince John Lichtenstein returned the next high-rise building. The new tower, which stands proudly on grazing 516m.n., designed Moravská native Jan Skoda. The study comes from the observation tower Olšiny Anthony, who designed the famous Well hidden viewing tower of Jara Cimrman Birch Svitavou. More information here.

Hřebeč mining complaints

Nature Trail near Moravian Trebova is suitable for both tourists and bikers and families with children. The now-defunct mining will convince both landscape formations, and various buildings that meet along the way. Your guide will permoník Hugo.

Mladějov industrial railway

Mladějov narrow-gauge of 600 mm was built at the end of the First World War to transport shale, fireclay and local coal. The track leads romantic terrain along the hill to the south of Mladějov and is 11 km long and now ride her particularly tourists and railroad fans, and not just the narrow gauge. For more information, visit the official website Mladějov industrial track.

Water park in the Moravian Třebová

The aqua park in the Moravian Třebová offers swimming and leisure pool, water slide and slide and is open from May to September. Visit waterpark for more information.

Bouzov Castle (20km)

Romantic castle built in the 13th and 14th century is located in the picturesque countryside Litovel and Mohelnice. In 1696 it was owned in turn by members of Czech and Moravian families, then the estate with the castle was bought by Teutonic Knights. Since 1945 is the property of the state. In 1999 it was declared a national monument.

Javoříčko Caves (30km)

Javořičské Karst is located in Bouzovská Highlands. In intermittent lane Devonian limestones are developed surface and underground karst formations with complex hydrographic conditions.
• The cave is located under the hill near the village Špraněk Javoricko Brezina and picturesque landscape, dominated by the castle Bouzov.
• It is a complex system of huge domes, tunnels, chasms and fissures created in several levels.
• Part called Holy hole and the gap Zátvořice been known since time immemorial, the first written mention of the adjacent underground parking is by an anonymous author and dates from 1873. In 1938 it was discovered substantial part of Javoříčko caves working group, led by ranger William Shoemaker. Other parts were gradually discovered various amateur and professional speleologists until today. Facilities Javoříčko caves are open to the public since 1939.
• The total length of all the known tunnels reaches over 4000 meters with a vertical span (denivelation) over 60 m. Tour are two long and 800 short 450 meters.
• Javoříčské caves are unique in its rich, diverse and well-preserved stalactite decoration. Among the most beautiful caves in the Czech Republic.
• duration of the tour, 40/60 minutes
• air temperature: 7-8 ° C, relative humidity: about 99%